Sustainable Aquaculture

Spring Creek Barramundi is widely regarded as one of the best recirculation aquaculture operations in Australia.

Good For you

Australian Sustainable Barramundi is a great source of omega-3 and an ideal choice for a healthy meal option. See our recipes for great ways to include barramundi in your healthy diet.

Good For the Environment

By supporting the Australian fisheries that are awarded the tick you are encouraging better environmental practices and ensuring the future of sustainable Barramundi.

Good For Aussie Farmers

Our farmers are responsible for producing some of the highest-quality seafood in the world and by supporting Australian, Sustainable Barramundi we can help ensure this tradition continues.

Exacting Standards

We work very hard on every aspect of our barramundi's lives so that they can reflect every great quality this celebrated species is famous for.

We manage the whole farming process from egg to dispatch to ensure superior quality. Our farms, Coral Coast and Spring Creek Barramundi are fully integrated and feature their own breeding stock hatchery and nursery rearing facility, growout system and HACCP approved processing facility.

Barramundi displaying the tick is sustainably farmed to meet our high Australian standards. This means you can have confidence that your Barramundi has been approved by Australian Sustainably Farmed Barramundi Certification Program. Our farm is staffed by a talented team of marine biologists and scientists - ensuring the best practices and technology are inherent in our operations.

Spring Creek Barramundi understands that when it comes to fresh produce you need certainty that your next bite has not been at the expense of the natural environment