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Why Buy
Our Barramundi?

Located in North Queensland, Spring Creek Barramundi are farmed in crystal clear water drawn from sub-artesian sand aquafer sources.

We are the proud winners of several prestigious awards including 'Champion Barramundi' at the 2018 Sydney Royal Fine Food Show.

Our HACCP approved processing facility is endorsed with ABFA Sustainable Barramundi Certification

Spring Creek operates a sustainable, zero discharge facility situated in North Queensland, a diverse & dynamic region adjacent to the Great Barrier Reef & World Heritage Rainforest

To ensure our fresh barramundi is available year round, harvest occurs several times a week & on-demand with dispatch from the farm to locations across Australia, within 24 hours, ensuring the highest quality, fresh product is delivered to market.

Throughout the entire farming process, every input is tailored to meet the barramundi's specific requirements to ensure production of superior quality product available in a comprehensive range of sizes.

Barramundi Recipes

Spring Creek Barramundi are versatile, have a superb texture, mild flavour, and are fantastic value all year round. Our barramundi is easy to cook and retains its wonderful taste and texture whatever the method. Grill it, bake it, steam it, pan-fry it or put it on the barbecue. Have it on the menu for your everyday dinners or use it for some wow factor at a special occasion.


Make a Choice

Local barramundi farms are leading the charge when it comes to sustainable farming practices and caring for the longevity of Australia's aquaculture environment.

The dedication that goes into nurturing Australia's iconic white fish means that consumers can trust that their seafood has been harvested ethically and sustainably.

With stringent certifications and regulations, Australian barramundi farms are located in some of the world's most pristine places and Australian barramundi farmers are collectively calling for consumers to drive change by asking for "Aussie barra" at cafes, restaurants and takeaway stores.

Despite it being Australia's national fish,
only a third of the barramundi we eat is from Australian waters.


Only 7 per cent of global barramundi production is farmed locally in Australia.

60 percent of the 20,000 tonnes savoured by Australians each year is sourced from foreign fisheries